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Injured postal worker struts stuff in dog show

Posted On: Oct. 14, 2019 1:11 PM CST

dog show handler

Best in workers compensation fraud?

Perhaps the title goes to a Minnesota postal worker who claimed she couldn't work due to a work injury and collected $108,000 in benefits, only to be caught participating in dog shows as a handler, the Star Tribune reporter Sunday.

Lisa A. Schafer pleaded guilty to theft of government funds after she was recorded on video "running around arenas" during dog competitions, an afront to her injury, according to the article.

Specifically, Ms. Schafer claimed that a work-related injury prevented her from working full-time and she told her doctor that her medical condition required her to rest most of the day and that she could only tolerate sedentary work, the Associated Press reported.

Schafer's doctor limited her to no more than two hours of office work a day, which enabled her to collect government benefits, according to the wire service.