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Man at war with insurer pitches tent on front lawn

Posted On: Oct. 4, 2019 12:31 PM CST


A veteran in St. Charles, Missouri, is waging war on his homeowners insurer and its famous slogan after it did not cover damage to his home from a sewage backup.

Hugh Henderson, who created “Camp Homeless Vet” on his front lawn — much to the disappointment of a local realtor and the city code enforcement department complaining about the tent and signage — said he hasn’t been able to live in his house in nearly a year because of mold damage caused by the backup, KSDK News reported.

“I would like them to totally fix my house,” he told the local station.

After months of poor communication with Nationwide Insurance Co., he said the tent was meant to create a “scene.” Behind his tent is a sign that reads: “Nationwide is not on your side.”

“Their jingle says, ‘Nationwide is on your side.’ I just added a ‘not,’” he told a reporter, promising not to abandon his post “unless they carry me out of here feet first, I have heart attack or something.”

A Nationwide spokesman released this statement: “We are actively working with Mr. Henderson to address his concerns. We strive to provide great care to all our members, and we are working with Mr. Henderson to remedy the situation as soon as possible.”