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Celebrity insurance to get down and dirty

Posted On: Aug. 6, 2019 12:32 PM CST


Tina Turner’s legs. Julia Roberts’s smile. Bruce Springsteen’s vocal cords.

And now, one insurer is setting up shop to indemnify other parts of a celebrity’s signature: something they might be embarrassed about.

Dubbing the forthcoming product “disgrace insurance,” a Boston startup called SpottedRisk is aiming to help celebrities and entertainment companies caught in scandals from college admissions fiascos to arrests over gun crimes, making the risk of celebrity downfall as “quantifiable and reimbursable as that of floods and car crashes,” according to an article posted Monday on

The article notes that studios have now hired risk managers to dig deep into celebrity backgrounds in search of red flags, adding “morals clauses” to contracts. The topic of insurance is common, according to the article.

“Like other new types of insurance … (SpottedRisk’s) disgrace innovation reflects what we fear most in the 21st century. In this case, it’s the persistent, growing dread that a career-ruining fall from grace is always just a click away,” the article states.