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Sonic discovers it’s getting a raw deal on burger claims

Posted On: Jul. 24, 2019 11:29 AM CST

Raw hamburger

A Houston woman who won a $10,000 settlement from a popular burger chain after claiming she had been served a raw burger — with photos as proof — has been charged with insurance fraud for again claiming she had been served a raw burger on another visit to a different location, showing photos of the earlier incident as proof.

Cassandra Brooks originally sued Sonic Corp. for lost wages, medical bills and physical stress after she allegedly was sold a raw hamburger at a Sonic in Lake Charles, Texas, ABC 13 in Houston reported Thursday.

An investigation was launched after she filed her second claim, accusing a Sonic location in Webster, Texas, of serving her a raw burger, according to the news station.

Ms. Brooks claimed she missed work due to the illness, yet evidence proved otherwise. Her only exhibit — photographs of a raw burger — were actually pictures from the Lake Charles incident, according to the report.

She is due back in court in August.