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It’s ours: Clown horror miniseries producers sue film company

Posted On: Jul. 19, 2019 12:55 PM CST

Scary clown

First the miniseries. Then the movie. Probably in some nightmares.

And now this: The “It” clown has reared its scary head in court.

Frank Konigsberg and Larry Sanitsky, the executive producers of the first film adaptation of Stephen King's horror novel “It,” on Thursday sued Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. claiming they were wrongfully denied an opportunity to participate in the production of the 2017 adaptation, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The pair, whose miniseries aired in the early 1990s, allege they had a contractual right to engage in a negotiation for any "sequel, series, remake, or spinoff," plus are entitled to at least 10% of net profits on any such subsequent production, according to the article. The film grossed $700 million worldwide.

“That the 2017 feature film is indeed a ‘remake’ is indisputable,” states the complaint.

Warner Bros. did not comment on the lawsuit.