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Later alligator: Insurer denies homeowner’s break-in claim

Posted On: Jul. 18, 2019 8:44 AM CST

Lovelorn alligator

An 11-foot alligator looking for love broke into the kitchen of Clearwater, Florida, home in May — and the insurance claim has been denied. 

The massive alligator smashed through the window of 77-year-old Mary Wischhusen's Clearwater condo and into her kitchen, breaking wine bottles and putting giant holes in her wall, WFTS Tampa Bay reported Wednesday.

"The reason he went in the house is because he saw his face on the glass and it’s mating season and he was in a hurry," Ms. Wischhusen told a reporter.

Her insurance company — unnamed in the story — just got back to her, and she’s just as disappointed as the alligator who didn’t find a mate.

“They’re not going to cover it because they don’t cover gators,” Ms. Wischhusen told a reporter.