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Lawsuits aim to strip Vegas clubs of models’ photos

Posted On: Jul. 2, 2019 10:52 AM CST

Las Vegas

Carmen Electra is not a stripper in Law Vegas, no matter what you may have seen in an advertisement allegedly using a pirated-off-the-internet photograph, according to a lawsuit filed by the professional model and actress against the strip club Can Can Room.

Ms. Electra’s lawsuit — claiming you can’t, can’t do that — is among a dozen similar suits filed by other models against five Las Vegas strip clubs in June, each accusing the clubs of using their photos in advertising without permission or payment, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Thursday.

The federal suits were filed against the Can Can Room, Crazy Horse III, Girls of Glitter Gulch, Spearmint Rhino and Play it Again Sam’s, according to the news outlet.

“Had each Plaintiff been afforded the opportunity to consider whether to consent and release rights as to the use of any image, each Plaintiff would have promptly and unequivocally declined,” one complaint against Glitter Gulch, accessed by the news outlet, states.