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What the flood do you know about flood insurance?

Posted On: Jun. 14, 2019 12:07 PM CST


The National Association of Insurance Commissioners on Thursday announced a new online interactive quiz “What the Flood?” intended to nudge homeowners who may not have adequate flood insurance coverage.

Editorial note: Business Insurance Off Beat reporter living below sea level in New Orleans got only five out of seven questions correct and is now calling her homeowners insurer.

Anywho, “not all policies are the same,” the NAIC announced in its call for homeowners (including those living below sea level) to check your policies and consult your agent to confirm that the flood perils highlighted are covered by your insurance.”

The quiz draws attention to the need for additional flood insurance over standard homeowners insurance “to cover a broken levee” (a question the reporter living four blocks from a Mississippi River levee got correct) and that sewage backups will need an “insurance rider” (which said reporter spent a recent evening Googling).