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Restaurant accused of fudging numbers on waiter tips

Posted On: Jun. 7, 2019 11:57 AM CST


As the characters would have said on the wholesome, no-profanity-allowed television show “7th Heaven,” which made Jessica Biel famous: Au Fudge!

The actress and co-investors of a now-defunct restaurant they opened in 2016 have settled a lawsuit filed by employees who say the business stole their tips, among other allegations.

The owners of the Au Fudge children’s restaurant were also accused of withholding employee breaks, along with pocketing “tens of thousands of dollars in tips,” as reported on celebrity news website

The disgruntled employees sued for $430,100 in gratuities that they believed they’d lost from the events and $31,549 from their alleged missed rest breaks, according to the article.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed and Au Fudge closed its doors in 2018.