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Prada alleges nada on alligator contract

Posted On: May. 21, 2019 8:57 AM CST

Alligator shoes

One of Prada’s suppliers allegedly pulled a “See you later, alligator” on providing the high-end fashion brand millions of dollars’ worth of alligator hatchlings intended for accessories, according to an article posted Friday on The Fashion Law blog.

The ongoing legal battle between the Italian company and a Florida-based alligator contractor involves $3.2 million in undelivered hatchings and grown alligators, according to the article.

The problem started in 2017 when alligator supplier Miami-based Caporicci USA Corp. allegedly failed to provide Prada with the 15,000 hatchlings it had paid for and refused to refund the fashion house, according to the article.

Legal proceedings ensued, and the alligator supplier fought back, alleging a different multimillion-dollar breach of contract on Prada’s part, claiming the Italian company “intentionally and unjustifiably” interfered with its relationship with other alligator vendors, according to the article.