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Broker gives many-hatted mothers a salary hike

Posted On: May. 10, 2019 12:22 PM CST

Mothers Day

Administrator of school work. Chief executive officer of clean. Risk manager for potential boo-boos. Chauffer. Cook.'s ninth annual Mother’s Day Index shows Mom received a modest increase of 3.5% in her salary — of a job compiled of all the tasks a mom performs on a daily basis — taking her annual salary to $71,297 and representing the highest mom has ever received in the survey.

The life insurance site’s annual Mother’s Day Index assigns an annual salary to the total value of common family duties. That value is based on the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics salary data and reflects the most reasonable job titles for the many hats that moms wear, according to the report released this month.

Mom’s highest wage increase this year came from her role as a summer activity planner, up 11%. “Swim lessons, arts and crafts, reading time, games in the backyard, and trying to coordinate ways to keep the kids out of trouble all day long is… a lot of work,” reads an announcement on’s website.

Other increases include a 9% raise for yard work and 9% for fixing up the house. Meanwhile, the jobs with the largest decline in payable terms are 12% less for private detective/investigator, 9% less as licensed vocational nurses and 5% less for party planner.