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Insurer employee’s fingers caught in ink cartridge scheme

Posted On: May. 9, 2019 12:49 PM CST

Ink cartridge

A Michigan insurance agency employee stands accused of using a company credit card to buy $140,000 worth of ink cartridges and selling them for profit.

Christina M. Lapp is facing one count of embezzlement of more than $100,000, a 20-year felony, following an investigation in 2018, the Saginaw and Bay City News reported Wednesday.

The owners of Valley United Insurance Co. in Bangor Township, Michigan, investigated their own credit card statements following Ms. Lapp’s resignation after seven years of working for them, according to the report. That’s when they found that she had been placing regular orders for ink cartridges and sending them to her home, according to the article.

Meanwhile, several employees told investigators they’d frequently seen Ms. Lapp on eBay while at work, suspecting she sold them on the site for profit.

“Nobody told me I’m not supposed to use the (credit) card,” Ms. Lapp told deputies, according to the reports in court files accessed by the newspaper. She went on to say she had ordered so many toners because she works from home a lot and needs ink to print clientele packets, the article states.