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OSHA fines against Amazon distribution center reduced

Posted On: May. 8, 2019 1:37 PM CST

Amazon OSHA Inc. and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reached a settlement agreement on a citation stemming from serious violations discovered in a Feb. 22 inspection of a distribution center in Nampa, Idaho, an OSHA spokesman told Business Insurance on Tuesday.

Fined a total of $6,442, $4,831 was the final agreed upon penalty, according to the spokesman. The $1,611 reduction was agreed upon during “informal conferences and subsequent agreements,” he wrote in an email.

According to two serious citations dated March 26, the distribution center featured tripping hazards for employees walking and working on one area of the warehouse. Inspectors, issuing the second serious citation, found a 5- by 2-inch hole in one area of the flooring, exposing workers to a tripping hazard.

OSHA also issued two other-than-serious citations on March 26: One regarding the improper mounting of a junction box and another regarding the company’s failure to include in its injury and illness log an incident in which an employee suffered a hand injury that required treatment beyond a first-aid kit, according to the citations. That final citation was “corrected during inspection,” according to OSHA documents.

Officials at Amazon could not immediately be reached for comment.