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NRA to stop promoting Carry Guard in California

Posted On: May. 2, 2019 2:46 PM CST

Man carrying a gun

The California Insurance Department said Wednesday the National Rifle Association has agreed to stop soliciting insurance without a license.

The department said the NRA was soliciting sales of Carry Guard, a personal firearms liability insurance product that provides coverage for bodily injury or property damages resulting from the legal use of a firearm in self-defense.

California Insurance Commissioner Richard Lara said in a statement the NRA has also made significant changes to its website and member communication materials to address the allegations the department made in a September 2018 cease-and-desist order issued by the department.

The statement said the department had issued the cease-and-desist order in response to a consumer inquiry and subsequent department investigation, which revealed the NRA was transacting or selling insurance without a license or certificate of authority issued by the commissioner, in violation of the California insurance code.

William A. Brewer III, partner at Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors and counsel for the NRA , said in a statement, “Of course, none of this changes the available insurance options for NRA members in California — their policies are sold and administered by Lockton, a licensed insurance broker, and not by the NRA.”

The statement also said the NRA “admitted no liability pursuant to this settlement, but was pleased to work with the State to resolve the matter in the best interest of NRA members and California consumers.”

In January, Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler banned the sale of “illegal” insurance policies branded by the NRA Association.