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Comp law firm’s hire can relate to injured workers

Posted On: Apr. 16, 2019 10:44 AM CST

garbage truck

Twenty-year garbage truck driver Robert Biddix knew a thing or two about workers compensation after suffering a back injury at work that left him permanently impaired.

And he’ll learn even more as he starts his new job as a paralegal working for Reck Law PLLC, a workers compensation law firm that represents injured workers in Washington, after taking a retraining course at Tacoma Community College, for which his workers compensation claim paid.

The Seattle-based firm announced Mr. Biddix’s new job on Tuesday, praising the state’s system for returning injured workers to work, either in their chosen field or a new one that can accommodate a disability.

"It is a privilege to bring Mr. Biddix on board,” Tara Reck, managing attorney at Reck Law PLLC, said in a statement. “For over a decade I have helped injured workers with so many aspects of their claims, but this is the first time I get to be the person providing an injured worker with a new job. I'm thrilled to have Mr. Biddix on my team. He has experienced first-hand what happens after a severe injury at work, and I know he's eager to put all he's learned to work helping other injured workers."