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State attorney general aims to buck insurance fraud trend

Posted On: Apr. 8, 2019 1:25 PM CST


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is hunting down insurance fraud, announcing a rash of charges filed against those aiming to collect up to $6,000 on accidents that never happened.

One trend? The “my car hit a deer” claim, according to an article posted on on Friday.

Overall, prosecutors from the state’s Western Regional Office have charged 25 people in what it called a “far-reaching” insurance fraud sweep during February and March, Mr. Shapiro told reporters.

The cases include charges related to false claims filed with car insurance agents, life insurance companies, rental insurers and disability offices. Six people were charged in the deer schemes.

Among the accused offenders were a Pittsburgh woman who claimed she struck a deer and hit a guardrail, then later admitted she hit the guardrail when she was driving while intoxicated, according to the prosecutor.