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Distracted motorist survey: Do you remember … driving in September?

Posted On: Apr. 2, 2019 11:23 AM CST

Distracted drivers

There’s something about Saturdays in September, according to the results of a survey by Erie Insurance Group released Monday that revealed this post-summer, weekend day as the time most distracted drivers admit to daydreaming as a contributing cause to a crash.

Ranked in order, the same goes for Saturdays in May, Fridays in October, Saturdays in August and Fridays in July, according to the insurer whose analysis of fatality statistics culled from police reports found that “generally distracted” and “lost in thought” are cited in car crash investigations the most on those days.

The days less likely to produce daydream accidents included Sundays in December, Thursdays in February, Mondays in January, Wednesdays in February, and Tuesdays in February.

The reasons are unclear, Erie said in a statement, adding that it wanted to share the data to get people thinking about distracted driving — just, probably, not while driving their vehicles.