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For gaseous supervisor, sweet bouquet of dismissal fills air

Posted On: Apr. 1, 2019 10:48 AM CST


That settles it: Farting on a colleague is not workplace bullying.

So says an Australian appeals court that on Friday dismissed a bullying case brought by an engineer who accused his former supervisor of repeatedly breaking wind toward him, The Associated Press reported.

The court found that even if engineer David Hingst's allegations were true, flatulence did not necessarily constitute bullying, according to the wire service.

Mr. Hingst had testified that he had moved out of a communal office space to avoid his supervisor’s flatulence and that the supervisor would then enter Mr. Hingst's small, windowless office several times a day and break wind, according to the wire service.

Mr. Hingst, seeking $1.3 million, told reporters he planned to appeal to Australia’s High Court.