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FedEx worker delivers kicks while out on comp

Posted On: Mar. 27, 2019 9:28 AM CST


FedEx drivers are probably told not to kick boxes. Or rather, kickbox while collecting workers compensation benefits.

A former FedEx employee in MIddletown, New York, was caught engaging in a such a workout while out on an injury he said made him unable to do his job, reported Wednesday.

Joey Ocasio, 47, of was charged with fraud and grand larceny this week after allegedly stealing over $9,000 in benefit payments, the news outlet reported.

Mr. Ocasio reported a debilitating shoulder injury in April 2015 after tripping over a pallet, an accident he claimed left him 100% disabled. Yet in November 2017, he was found boxing, performing high kicks, jumping jacks and gymnastic squats at a martial arts school and gym in his hometown, according to the news outlet.

Mr. Ocasio’s treating physician testified at a state workers comp board hearing in February 2018 that the former driver was “not disabled at all” and “far from disabled” after seeing surveillance video of him working out at the martial arts gym, according to the news outlet.