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Odor in the court: Engineer smells bully; flatulent boss couldn’t give a toot

Posted On: Mar. 26, 2019 1:30 PM CST

Flatulent boss

An Australian engineer is demanding $1.8 million from his “stinky” boss, claiming the supervisor bullied him with his severe flatulence.

According to the Daily Mail, the Melbourne, Australia-based worker claimed that his boss farted on him in their small, windowless office as many as six times each day in an attempt to bully him. A justice in the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Victoria dismissed his claims, finding no evidence of bullying. However, the structural engineer appealed the decision, and on Monday, a panel of judges for the Court of Appeals heard his testimony, including allegations that the supervisor “thrusted his bum” at the engineer when he walked past and farted, the report said.

The engineer reportedly told the court that his boss’ flatulence caused him severe stress and psychiatric injuries.

(Update: the appeals court upheld the lower court ruling.)