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Employee allegedly checks out on returning to work

Posted On: Mar. 20, 2019 10:04 AM CST


Authorities in Connecticut are considering this a check in the box on workers compensation fraud.

A school board employee in Windsor, Connecticut, has been charged after an investigation found she altered a doctor’s return-to-work note to her employer after a slip and fall on ice in 2018, reported Tuesday.

Inspectors from the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Fraud Control Unit of the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney arrested Patricia Stackpole this week and charged her with one count of fraudulent claim or receipt of benefits, according to the news outlet.

Ms. Stackhouse began collecting benefits after reporting the work-related injury yet was observed several times “moving in a manner inconsistent with her claimed injuries,” the state Division of Criminal Justice told reporters.

Upon being released back to work, Ms. Stackhouse allegedly altered her doctor’s note and checked off a box marked “is unable” before a box marked “return to work,” officials told the news outlet.