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Whopper of a deal: Burger King settles bathroom suit

Posted On: Feb. 12, 2019 10:21 AM CST

Burger King Home of the Whopper

That settles it: if you get locked in a Burger King bathroom, you earn free Whoppers for life.

Or, rather, the cost of them, as a Portland, Oregon, man recently discovered when the burger chain settled his lawsuit stemming from the December 2018 incident where he was locked in a restaurant bathroom for more than an hour.

In response to his January lawsuit, Burger King gave Curtis Brooner $9,026 — the cost of one Whopper value meal a week for his life expectancy of the next 22 years, his lawyer told the Willamette Week newspaper for an article that ran Monday.

Mr. Brooner, 50, alleged in his suit that he had also cut his hand using a fly swatter an employee slid under the door to help pry open the lock, unsuccessfully, and that he could hear employees laughing at the situation, according to the news station.

A locksmith was later called, and “Burger King provided Mr. Brooner a Band-Aid and ointment for the cut on his hand, and offered to settle in exchange for a lifetime supply of Burger King meals at no cost,” according to the suit.

Yet, 11 days later, “Burger King reneged and told Mr. Brooner that it no longer intended to honor the agreement,” the lawsuit states.