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Judge tells dispirited Rams fans: Meet me in Missouri

Posted On: Feb. 8, 2019 11:27 AM CST

St. Louis Rams

You can meet me in a St. Louis courtroom, a Missouri judge essentially told the Los Angeles Rams this week by approving a class-action suit filed in 2016 by local fans upset that they had purchased Rams paraphernalia before the football team headed to California.

The lawsuit accuses the football team of long keeping secret its 2016 move to Los Angeles and continuing to sell “St. Louis Rams” jerseys, tickets and other merchandise, according to the widely reported lawsuit.

One of the attorneys involved in the case told a Fox 2 Now reporter on Thursday that it’s too soon to know how fans can participate or how much they could be eligible to receive if the lawsuit is successful. But anybody who bought Rams merchandise between 2010 and 2016 is eligible, according to media outlets.

“I think they definitely need to be reimbursed,” former Rams fans Tina Marie Glass told a reporter for the St. Louis Fox News affiliate.

She had been reportedly shopping at the University City Goodwill store and recalled seeing St. Louis Rams merchandise on the store’s shelves after the team moved.

“There were some good deals, but people walked right past them,” she told the reporter of the now-worthless items.