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6. Insurers deny liability coverage to Harvey Weinstein

Posted On: Dec. 26, 2018 7:00 AM CST

6. Insurers deny liability coverage to Harvey Weinstein

Perhaps inevitably, the insurance industry was caught up with the rest of society in the turmoil surrounding the #MeToo movement.

A key figure was movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. In February, Chubb Ltd. filed suit seeking a declaratory judgment that policies it had issued to Mr. Weinstein did not cover his defense costs or damages resulting from sexual assault and harassment lawsuits. Chubb argued the policies’ various personal and business exclusions barred coverage; that his alleged action did not constitute an “occurrence” under the policies; and that New York public policy bars coverage for intentional wrongful acts.

The story detailing the suit was the sixth most read story on Business Insurance’s website in 2018.

In June, a Zurich North America affiliate filed a lawsuit claiming it was not responsible for paying Mr. Weinstein’s legal bills following his arrest for rape because the criminal proceeding was not within its policy’s scope of coverage. 

Joining them in September was Travelers Casualty and Surety Co., which sought a New York court’s ruling that it was not obligated to indemnify Mr. Weinstein in connection with the sexual assault and harassment charges filed against him.