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Biometric data predicted to be at risk for cyberattacks

Posted On: Dec. 17, 2018 2:39 PM CST

Facial recognition technology

Cyberattacks will zero in on biometric hacking and exposure vulnerabilities in touch identification sensors, facial recognition and passcodes in 2019, Experian Data Breach Resolution predicts in a report issued Monday.

“Organizations need to ensure their biometric systems are secure in all layers,” says the report by Data Breach Resolution, a unit of Costa Mesa, California-based Experian Information Systems Inc., in its report, Data Breach Industry Forecast 2019.

“Biometric data should be encrypted and stored in secure servers,” says the report.

The report also predicts skimming, the use of hidden devices designed to steal payment and credit card information and passcodes, is the next frontier for an enterprisewide attack on a major financial institution’s national network, which could result in millions of dollars in losses.

Other predictions include a major wireless carrier will be attacked with a simultaneous effect on both iPhone and Android devices, stealing personal information from millions of consumers and possibly disabling all wireless communications in the United States.

The report also predicts a cloud vendor will suffer a breach compromising major companies’ sensitive information.