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N.Y. attorney general not wild about ‘rampant’ fish mislabeling

Posted On: Dec. 17, 2018 11:02 AM CST

N.Y. attorney general not wild about ‘rampant’ fish mislabeling

There’s something fishy about how fish are labeled in grocery stores, according to a report released Friday that found seafood sold in stores in New York are often mislabeled. 

In a report released Friday, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood claimed that more than one-fourth of the seafood her office sampled statewide was mislabeled, according to a CBS New report.

Ms. Underwood says mislabeling of certain popular species “was rampant,” adding that farmed salmon was frequently sold as wild and fish sold as red snapper or lemon sole was more likely to be a different kind of fish than the real thing, according the news report.

“It’s clear that seafood fraud isn’t just a fluke – it’s rampant across New York,” said Ms. Underwood, according to the report. “Supermarkets are the last line of defense before a phony fish ends up as family dinner, and they have a duty to do more. Yet our report makes clear that New Yorkers may too often be the victim of mislabeling. We’re taking enforcement action, and consumers should be alert and demand that their supermarket put customers first by taking serious steps to ensure quality control at their seafood counters.”