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2018 Women to Watch: Nina Boone

Posted On: Dec. 3, 2018 12:00 AM CST

Nina Boone

Nina Boone
Managing director
New York
Age: 57

There is no question that Nina Boone’s job at Aon PLC is a complex one.

As sales leader for Aon’s mergers and acquisitions unit, she is, among other things, heavily involved in ensuring that buyers and sellers are not lacking needed insurance coverage. “You are identifying insurance issues that could affect the viability of the transaction,” Ms. Boone said.

The business complexities associated with mergers and acquisitions are far from being a negative for Ms. Boone. “I love complexity. It is fun with our team,” she said.

Her role in mergers and acquisitions has not gone unnoticed at Aon. Ms. Boone, who has been in the insurance field for more than three decades, has been promoted numerous times. In 2013 alone, Ms.

Boone achieved 50% sales growth in the mergers and acquisitions area.

Her colleagues applaud Ms. Boone for her many professional strengths.

“She is the most positive human being I have met,” said Brian Cochrane, Aon’s global CEO for M&A and transactions solutions in New York.

“She also has a great sense of humor, while still being very professional and hard-working,” added Mr. Cochrane, who has known Ms. Boone about seven years.

Ms. Boone’s involvement in women’s issues also is applauded by those who know her.

“What impresses me is her willingness to help women rise in the corporate world.

She wants women to go to higher levels,” said Carol Sisco, who first met Ms. Boone at a women’s conference two years ago and is a principal with Sisco Associates, a Washington-based investment firm that focuses on nonprofits.

Ms. Boone has worked to increase the financial sophistication of women. She serves on the executive board of Savvy Ladies, a group founded to help women make more informed financial decisions.

She also has worked as a board chair of an Aon unit whose goals are increasing the number of women at top levels of the company and expanding ethnic diversity. “We need to match client diversity,” she said.

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