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2018 Women to Watch: Nora Deveau

Posted On: Dec. 3, 2018 12:00 AM CST

Nora Deveau

Nora Deveau
Senior vice president and chief technical claim officer
Arch Insurance Group Inc.
Jersey City, New Jersey
Age: 41

A class in insurance law during law school guided Nora Deveau to a career that led to her becoming senior vice president and chief technical claim officer at Arch Insurance Group Inc.

She said she found the class interesting, an interest that grew stronger as she practiced law and became more involved in insurance.

“You were exposed to something different every day,” she said.

She joined Arch Insurance Group in 2005 and rose steadily through the ranks.

“In a span of 14 years, she has gone from a front line claims adjuster at a desk to the senior vice president and chief technical claim officer,” said Vince Kellaher, a senior vice president at Arch Insurance to whom Ms. Deveau formerly reported.

“In that role, she is now responsible for overseeing a $4 billion plus portfolio of claims. Managing that size portfolio has a huge financial impact on Arch Insurance,” Mr. Kellaher said. “One thing about Nora is she has exceptional technical claims skill, and you couple that with a very sharp legal mind and you have a great combination. She is excellent at selecting, developing and retaining talent.”

Ms. Deveau is responsible for technical claims, regardless of the business area or division.

“At a certain threshold, cases come to me,” she said. She is constantly looking at process and promoting uniformity. “It’s a team effort,” she said.

Ms. Deveau is also involved in coaching other employees. She noted that “I’m grateful for those who have mentored me over time and given me opportunity to take on roles and have exposures to projects and areas that create opportunity for me.”

In coaching others, “I try to give people autonomy and let them succeed on their own and give them exposure to different areas,” she said. She encourages people to learn other areas of the business because “it helps with your perspective as to where we fit into the puzzle.”

Knowledge of other areas within the organization, and establishing relationships “gives you the opportunity to learn and to grow,” she said.

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