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Help wanted: Motorcycle delivery drivers who don’t mind crashing

Posted On: Oct. 29, 2018 8:26 AM CST

Help wanted: Motorcycle delivery drivers who don’t mind crashing

The head of a Korean delivery company and 10 of its employees have been arrested on charges of causing more than 100 car crashes since 2016 in Busan, South Korea, in an insurance fraud scheme that netted the equivalent of $438,000, The Korea Herald reported on Friday.

Dashcam videos showed deliverymen on motorcycles seemingly deliberately crashing into vehicles that were either changing lanes or violating traffic laws. During interrogation, employees said they were just doing their job: the company had ordered them to go out and “cause accidents (on purpose) to bring in some cash flow” after the company experienced a slump in business, according to the news report.

One employee — of the month? — is said to have caused around 40 accidents, the newspaper reported. When an insurance company paid the employee following an accident, the chief executive, unnamed in the report, took a 30 % commission.

Altogether, the scam involved six insurers. An insurance company spokesman told a reporter he called authorities after the insurer noticed that the food delivery company “had made similar insurance claims before,” according to the report.