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Transgender policyholder fights rate hike

Posted On: Oct. 9, 2018 1:31 PM CST

Transgender policyholder fights rate hike

A transgender woman is going public after her car insurer increased her rate when she transitioned to female.

Faith Frances, who asked an ABC news affiliate in Detroit to use only her first and middle name in a report that aired Monday, said she frequently saw herself as a victim of discrimination against transgender people.

But now that her new car insurance rate has gone up nearly $1,000 annually, her eyes are open to another kind of discrimination: that women are charged more for car insurance in Michigan. 

Faith first contacted her insurance company to change her name and upon learning of the increase, contacted the state attorney general’s office, thinking it was transgender discrimination.

The response? The increase had nothing to do with her change of gender and that women who are born female also pay more, the station reported.