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Electrician allegedly wired ill-gotten comp from two circuits

Posted On: May. 7, 2018 11:10 AM CST

Electrician allegedly wired ill-gotten comp from two circuits

California Department of Insurance investigators were shocked to learn that an electrician had been collecting workers compensation from two employers stemming from alleged workplace injuries suffered within months of each other.

Michael Williams, 34, of Daly City, was arrested last week on suspicion of insurance fraud and grand theft related to the collection of more than $85,000 in comp benefits, the San Mateo Daily Journal reported Thursday.

Mr. Williams suffered a work-related injury in November 2014 and filed a workers compensation claim. He allegedly continued collecting benefits despite starting work for a different employer in March 2015. Two months later, in May, he suffered another injury and filed another claim, the newspaper reported.

According to the office of the insurance commissioner, Mr. Williams allegedly misrepresented his earnings and employment status to continue collecting benefits and made false statements to a medical examiner. The insurance commissioner also alleged that Williams used his employer’s credit card to purchase an engagement ring and pay for other personal expenses, the newspaper reported.