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Post on exercise app reduces woman’s disability payout

Posted On: Mar. 14, 2018 10:16 AM CST

Post on exercise app reduces woman’s disability payout

They say running can be a healthy, life-changing endeavor — but not if you are collecting insurance, claiming you cannot work because of an injury.

In that case, it’s life-changing in a different way: resulting in a fraud accusation and reduction in benefits.

A Danish woman learned this the hard way after her insurer tapped into her running profile on the running app Endomondo, discovering that her whiplash suffered in 2007 — for which she had collected disability payment ever since — didn’t prevent her from hitting the pavement, the Danish media outlet The Local reported on its website Tuesday.

The woman’s insurer, AP Pension, had paid her 200,000 kroner ($33,406) annually since then for claiming that she had a reduced ability to work, according to the article.

AP Pension investigated after receiving a tip that she was member of a sports association and had taken part in sporting events. The insurance firm also gained access to the woman’s profile on Endomondo, where she shared stats and photographs from her training sessions, the outlet reported.

The insurer initially withdrew the woman’s payments in their entirety but has since been ordered by the Danish Insurance Appeals Board to pay 50% of the amount she previously received.