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N.Y. physicians suspended from treating injured workers

Posted On: Jan. 22, 2018 12:44 PM CST

N.Y. physicians suspended from treating injured workers

The New York Workers Compensation Board has suspended two physicians from treating injured workers.

Dr. Mark Schwartz, a Long Island, New York-based family practitioner, pleaded guilty to insurance fraud in New Jersey for filing false claims and is barred from performing independent medical examinations in the New York State workers compensation system effective Jan. 15, 2018, according to a bulletin from the board.

In addition, Dr. Karen May Nickell, a Macedon, New York-based family practitioner, lost her authorization to treat injured workers after agreeing not to contest, failing to maintain a record for each patient that reflected the evaluation and treatment of the patient. Dr. Nickell may practice only as a coroner in New York until further notice, according to the bulletin.