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WHO says element of medical marijuana not dangerous

Posted On: Dec. 14, 2017 12:49 PM CST

WHO says element of medical marijuana not dangerous

The World Health Organization on Wednesday declared cannabidiol, a pain-relieving compound in marijuana known as CBD, neither harmful nor addictive.

“There is increased interest from Member States in the use of cannabis for medical indications including for palliative care,” reads an announcement by the Geneva, Switzerland-based organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. “Responding to that interest and increase in use, WHO has in recent years gathered more robust scientific evidence on therapeutic use and side effects of cannabis and cannabis components.”

The committee conducted an initial review of cannabidiol, finding that it “is not likely to be abused or create dependence as for other cannabinoids, such as tetra hydro cannabinol,” or THC, which is known to cause the euphoria associated with marijuana.

“The ECDD therefore concluded that current information does not justify scheduling of cannabidiol” as a dangerous drug, the announcement reads.

The committee postponed a fuller review of cannabidiol to May 2018, when its members will undertake a comprehensive review of cannabis and cannabis related substances, according to the announcement.