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ESIS product helps with injured worker advocacy

Posted On: Dec. 6, 2017 2:46 PM CST

ESIS Inc. on Wednesday said it has launched its new worker advocacy model, ESIS Care, that aims to eliminate barriers in the workers compensation process for injured workers. 

The new product is designed to help streamline the claims process, enabling employers to reduce associated legal costs and helping employees return to work quickly after a work-related incident, Whitehouse, Philadelphia-based ESIS, a workers comp arm of Chubb Ltd., said in a statement.

ESIS Care intends to keep the employee at the center of the claims process, “fostering more confidence for employees going through the workers compensation claims process while helping to establish a transparent relationship with the employer,” according to the statement. 

Both employers and employees will have access to a network of intake, clinical and claims representatives, along with specialists who are responsible for helping to support both parties throughout the duration of a claim, according to the statement.