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2017 Women to Watch: Andrea Fregona

Posted On: Dec. 4, 2017 12:00 AM CST

2017 Women to Watch: Andrea Fregona

Andrea Fregona
Managing director
Crawford & Co. (Germany) GmbH
Dusseldorf, Germany
Age: 46

Andrea Fregona started her insurance career learning the basics of the business across multiple coverage lines but soon focused on the claims side of insurance.

Joining Crawford & Co.’s Germany unit in 2009, she was responsible for leading and developing a nationwide network of field adjusters for the company. Earlier this year she was named managing director of Crawford & Co. (Germany) GmbH.

While she has responsibilities across the unit’s operations, she is maybe most proud of creating and implementing Crawford’s Claims Academy in Germany. The academy trains and educates employees and contractors and is also a source of education for employees of Crawford’s clients, she said.

The academy also offers programs to help working mothers return to the workplace by refreshing their knowledge after they have taken time off to have children.

The field adjuster network she implemented also has developed more opportunities for women to return to work after having children. The model allows flexible working that enables women to work parttime and balance their roles as mothers with active careers, she said.

Ms. Fregona cites the Italian writer and politician Giuseppe Mazzini when offering advice to women entering the industry: “The secret of the skill lies in the will.” It is important to believe in yourself and accept challenges, she said.

Outside of the workplace Ms. Fregona enjoys interior design and says that creativity can be transferred to work and into new ideas and solutions. She relaxes by spending times with her horse and French bulldog. “This helps me clear my head and recharge my batteries — the view of things often becomes clearer,” she said.

And spending time with friends from different walks of life also can help to bring a fresh perspective.

“I love to cook and eat with friends,” she said. “Talking to people from completely different areas often gives you a completely different view of things and makes things much clearer and easier,” she said.

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