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Loss control rep visits cut lost-time injuries: Study

Posted On: Oct. 4, 2017 1:44 PM CST

Loss control rep visits cut lost-time injuries: Study

Visits by insurance loss prevention representatives to construction job sites can lead to fewer workplace injuries, according to a study by a Center for Construction Research and Training supported research team at the University of Minnesota released Wednesday. 

The study looked at workers compensation claims and examined injuries to employees of 1,360 construction policyholders who obtained workers comp from a self-insured workers comp fund.

There was a significant reduction in risk of lost-time injury after a single contact from a loss prevention representative, the study found. One contact was associated with a 27% reduction of risk, two contacts with a 41% reduction of risk, and three or more contacts with a 28% reduction of risk, according to the study. 

The study also found that these visits are often low cost and that the reduction in lost-time injuries reduced workers comp costs for policyholders and insurance companies. 

“Workers' compensation resources and (loss prevention) reps appear to be a valuable partner to reduce injury burden of severe, lost-time injuries for small and medium-sized construction policyholders, a high-risk population. Additionally, these services can be deployed proactively to reduce claims, often at little or no cost to policyholders. The reduction in workers' compensation costs for both the policyholders and the insurers make providing resources mutually beneficial and builds a business case for safety and injury prevention,” the study said.