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2017 Innovation Awards: Liberty Mutual Insurance LM Expedite

Posted On: Oct. 2, 2017 12:00 AM CST

2017 Innovation Awards: Liberty Mutual Insurance LM Expedite

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

Road accidents may be inevitable, but Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.’s LM Expedite app is looking to make them less time-consuming for commercial auto customers.

The mobile application, which is a 2017 Business Insurance Innovation Awards winner, allows drivers to take photos of auto damage and instantly request an estimate from one of Liberty Mutual’s claims experts from their phones.

“We worked on this for over a year,” said Tomisi Kikama, Boston-based claims director with Liberty Mutual. “We determined the tool could speed claims for a significant number of commercial auto policyholders, particularly those with moderate- and low-severity claims.”

Mr. Kikama said Liberty Mutual started a pilot program for the app on the West Coast early last year and then deployed it across the country. LM Expedite was widely introduced in January 2017 with the goal of making the claims process smoother and faster, while maintaining quality.

“The customer forwards a picture to an appraiser, who has two to three hours to complete the estimate, so a lot of times we’re able to do these in the same day. So if a customer’s ready and we’re able — what may take a few days otherwise now gets done in the same day sometimes,” Mr. Kikama said.

LM Expedite can help get customers back on the road more quickly and save them money because they’re not losing any time waiting for the appraisal, Mr. Kikama said.

This is important for commercial customers who are losing money when their vehicles are out of commission, he said.

“We created this tool to allow them to move quicker through the process and to get an estimate and start the repairs as soon as possible,” he said.

LM Expedite has become popular, with over 800 customers using it each month, Mr. Kikama said.

“One metric I look at is completion rates, and nearly 90% of the customers who started the process completed it with the mobile app, so that goes to speak to its usability and its ease of use,” he said.

“If you’re able to use a smartphone, this process is very intuitive to you,” Mr. Kikama added.

Mr. Kikama said LM Expedite will continue to be modified. “We’re looking at other uses that make sense,” he said.

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