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Medical providers suspended from comp system for fraud

Posted On: Sep. 22, 2017 11:58 AM CST

Medical providers suspended from comp system for fraud

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation announced Thursday that it has suspended six medical providers from participating in California’s workers compensation system, bringing the total number of suspended providers this year to 38. 

State law requires the division’s administrative director to suspend any medical provider, physician, or practitioner from participating in the workers comp system in cases where the provider has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving fraud or abuse of government medical programs or the comp system, fraud or abuse of a patient, or related types of misconduct; the provider has been suspended due to fraud or abuse from government medical programs; or the provider’s license or certificate to provide health care has been surrendered or revoked.

Per a press statement, the division’s acting Administrative Director George Parisotto issued orders of suspension against the following providers:

· Jeffrey Campau and Landen Mirallegro of Yorba Linda, California, co-founders of the medical equipment company Aspen Medical Resources, MRI diagnostic facility Elite Mgmt. L.L.C. doing business as Elite Diagnostics, and an MRI services company, Regional Medical Services L.L.C. Both men pleaded guilty in Orange County Superior Court on May 5 to medical insurance fraud for their involvement in an overbilling scheme in which they defrauded insurance companies of more than $70 million. Mr. Campau and Mr. Mirallegro agreed to pay over $8 million in restitution to several insurers and self-insured employers, and to voluntarily dismiss liens of nearly $140 million, in the case involving Aspen Medical Resources.

  • Simon Hong of Brea, California, a medical clinic operator who on Oct. 19, 2016, was found guilty by a federal jury in Orange County, California, of 19 counts of health care fraud, illegal kickbacks and identity theft involving the Medicare program. 
  • Chi Hong Yang of San Gabriel, California, pleaded guilty in Kern County Superior Court in California on Aug. 2 to conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, a scheme involving billing and obtaining payment for services not provided. Mr. Yang surrendered his physician’s and surgeon’s certificate earlier this year.
  • Rafael U. Chavez of Rancho Cucamonga, California, had his certification as a physician assistant revoked by the Physician Assistant Board of California on June 19, 2014.
  • Wendell Wenneker of Napa, California, had his physician and surgeon certification revoked on June 2 by the Medical Board of California.