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Adva-Net expands addiction recovery network for workers comp

Posted On: Aug. 15, 2017 2:32 PM CST

Adva-Net expands addiction recovery network for workers comp

Adva-Net said Friday that it has expanded its addiction recovery network to include a workers compensation-focused, addiction recovery network to “complement their pain management and post-acute care network service offerings.”

Lakewood Ranch, Florida-based Adva-Net is an ancillary network for high-acuity workers comp claims. It provides services for comprehensive pain management, post-acute care management, and addiction recovery.

The recovery program offers multiple levels of treatment for injured workers including, inpatient hospital, residential treatment, day treatment, outpatient, intensive outpatient and detoxification programs, Adva-Net said in the statement. 

“One of our objectives in designing the Adva-Net addiction recovery program was to address the relatively high recidivism rates associated with traditional addiction management programs,” Paul Norkett, Dallas, Texas-based chief operating officer for Adva-Net said in the statement. “We wanted to go beyond the management of addiction, and concentrate on full recovery through an integrated approach that concurrently treats the addiction, behavioral and physical conditions of injured workers.”