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2017 Break Out Awards, South: Wynne Sharpe

Posted On: Jun. 5, 2017 12:00 AM CST

2017 Break Out Awards, South: Wynne Sharpe


Senior vice president

JLT Specialty USA


Age: 36

Wynne Sharpe likes to say his parents spent a small fortune to help him figure out he didn’t want to be an accountant after graduating from Washington and Lee University in 2003. But he quickly found his career path when he joined Lloyd’s of London insurer Catlin, which later became part of XL Group P.L.C., underwriting professional liability and gaining experience working in both the U.S. and London markets. He joined JLT Specialty USA, a unit of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group P.L.C., in 2014.

Top industry concern

In Houston, because about 90% of what we do is energy focused, we’re concerned about the viability and longevity of our client base. The challenge we have is how do we adapt as brokers to help support our clients in what is a very, very challenging economy for them.

Next big thing in insurance

Certainly, cyber is something that’s on the mind. Insurance traditionally has done a very good job at covering physical losses, losses to people, to assets, to physical property. It’s still a challenge to help clients understand what their exposure is to cyber, what a cyber loss means.

What inspires you?

I get a lot of inspiration from my family life, from my wife and my children. I’ve been very lucky in my career to be blessed to work with a lot of great colleagues, a lot of great carrier partners, great mentors. My father has been a great inspiration to me as well. He was a successful banker. He showed me a lot of good habits to follow in my professional career.

Hobbies and interests

I enjoy playing tennis to the extent I have time and feel brave enough to ask my wife for an opportunity to leave the house on the weekends. I get to play golf every once in a while. I like to read books, but I don’t get to that very much anymore.


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