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Eagles sue Hotel California

Posted On: May. 3, 2017 11:39 AM CST

Eagles sue Hotel California

You can check in to the Hotel California, but you can’t infer that the actual establishment in Todos Santos, Mexico, has anything to do with the popular song by the Eagles, according to a lawsuit filed Monday by the band.

The Eagles claim the Baja California hotel has been using the name to suggest a connection with the band for financial gain, aiming to draw visitors who are fans of the American rock band, according to the Washington Post. The hotel allegedly plays the hit song in its lobby and hallways, the newspaper reported.

The band filed its lawsuit against the owners in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles seeking a variety of damages and a halt to any infringement, according to reports.

Specifically, the lawsuit claims the hotel sells merchandise — T-shirts, posters, sweatshirts, bathrobes, key chains, playing cards, mugs, guitar picks and refrigerator magnets, and more — featuring the band’s name and the cover art from its 1976 album “Hotel California,” on which the song appeared.