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N.Y. announces hearing process for opioid weaning

Posted On: Oct. 31, 2016 2:29 PM CST

N.Y. announces hearing process for opioid weaning

Workers compensation insurers can now request a hearing specifically to consider whether an injured worker should be weaned from opioids.

The New York Workers’ Compensation Board on Monday announced a new hearing process that aims to gauge whether an injured worker can wean off opioids, and altered its forms to provide insurers this option for reviewing a claim. Under the new forms an independent medical examination is required. 

In 2014 the board adopted its Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines, which provided a comprehensive approach to managing chronic pain and included best-practice recommendations for the appropriate use of narcotics.

According to bulletin posted Monday, these guidelines make “clear (that) long-term opioid use is only recommended in limited circumstances, and must involve constant clinical monitoring and re-evaluation.”