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TEST 07/20/16 -- Mayor trips over law and order amid insurance fraud arrest

Posted On: Jul. 20, 2016 12:00 AM CST

Many politicians push a law and order agenda, but one Florida mayor's legal troubles are starting to resemble an episode of Law & Order.

Tavares Mayor Robert Wolfe may have some explaining to do to his constituents after he was arrested for insurance fraud last week. Mr. Wolfe is accused of filing false claims with his insurance company involving damage to his home caused by water leaks and receiving $9,300 as a result, according to media reports.

Mr. Wolfe allegedly claimed to have vacated his home and moved to a rental house with his wife and their three dogs due to the damage, but investigators said this was not the case as Mr. Wolfe later admitted to investigators that he never decamped from Chez Wolfe.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott removed Mr. Wolfe from office following his arrest, but this was hardly the embattled mayor's first run-in with the law.

Mr. Wolfe was arrested in May after an alcohol-fueled altercation with his wife, Sharon, who accused him of pushing her and firing a gun inside their home. The charges were later dropped.

Not to be outdone, Ms. Wolfe was arrested two weeks later for allegedly lying about the incident. She recanted the story, claiming the weapon discharged whilst her husband was cleaning it. She also said Mr. Wolfe was not drunk and they were not arguing, according to reports.

In addition, Sharon Wolfe was sentenced to one year of probation in March stemming from a January incident when she allegedly hit her twin sister over the head with an oscillating fan and a fraternity paddle.

Should he seek reelection, one can only wonder what Mr. Wolfe's campaign slogan will be.