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Election insurance coverage too good to be true? April Fool!

Posted On: Apr. 1, 2016 12:00 AM CST

Election insurance coverage too good to be true? April Fool!

For all those Americans considering moving to Canada if a certain controversial political figure wins the presidency, one insurer seemed to be trying to make the relocation a lot easier.

San Francisco-based Esurance Insurance Services Inc., a unit of Allstate Corp., sent out a news release Thursday about its new homeowners' insurance policy called Election Insurance, which claimed it would protect people's abandoned homes for the next four years while they flee the United States following a presidential election. A standard policy would include weekly home maintenance, while premium options such as the “holiday overachiever” pledged to keep up the holiday spirit with lights and yard decorations and a platinum option would simulate a teenage breakup to give the home an authentic lived-in feel.

“Every four years, we hear from countless dissatisfied Americans who threaten to leave the country if the 'wrong' candidate is elected into office,” Alan Gellman, chief marketing officer at Esurance, said in the statement. “This year, we're very pleased to announce our newest innovation — Election Insurance. If your preferred candidate loses the election, Esurance will protect your home so you can move out of the country worry free.”

April Fool! No such insurance product exists.

A video with fake testimonials by supposed buyers of the insurance included one buyer launching a bleeped-out explanation of why he was finally leaving America after multiple threats to do so, thanks to the insurance policy. The video ended with a disclaimer saying that no such policy would be available in any states.

There's no escape, America!