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Airborne bachelor party horseplay turns risky

Posted On: Mar. 1, 2016 12:00 AM CST

Airborne bachelor party horseplay turns risky

Probably not the best idea to mix international flights and drunken bachelor parties but one bridegroom and 11 of his pals thought otherwise.

The group boarded a jet Friday night in London heading to Bratislava, Slovakia, while overly intoxicated, according to news reports.

Barely able to stand, the lads became belligerent when the cabin crew refused to serve them more alcohol. The Ryanair plane's captain decided to make an unscheduled landing in Berlin's Schönefeld Airport 30 minutes after takeoff, to avoid the risk of the party members inflicting harm to other passengers, news reports said.

German police escorted six of the drunken dozen from Southampton, England off the plane after the pilot made the Berlin stop, putting an end to the stag party — which by then had mostly downgraded to an in the aisle drunken fist fight between two of the groomsmen. The groom-to-be was one of the six escorted off by police, and the remainder of the party continued on to their destination without him.

The group did not comply with cabin crew instructions and posed a security threat by reportedly refusing to stay in their seats while engaging in “horseplay.” One had allegedly stripped naked in front of the 170 passengers, German federal police said in a statement.

The men, ages 25-28, that were removed from their party were charged with misdemeanors from air security law violations and facing fines up to $27,000, according to German police. The airline can also sue them.

Banning drunk people from boarding planes, capping the number of drinks that can be served and keeping a blacklist of unruly passengers have all been taken into consideration by U.K. ministers, news reports said.

Since their release, no reports have been made on the level of hangover experienced in the aftermath.