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Facebook photobombs fraudsters' insurance claims

Posted On: Dec. 9, 2015 12:00 AM CST

Facebook photobombs fraudsters' insurance claims

Everyone knows selfies and social media can be fun, but they can also get you in trouble.

A bit of trouble followed one Dublin couple who staged a car accident and claimed not to know each other but Facebook posts proved otherwise, the Irish Independent reported.

And for another Dublin woman, sharing her accomplishments online led to her insurance claim being thrown out and a judge ordering her to pay costs.

According to recent report by the newspaper the Irish Independent, David Ward was jailed for a year after claiming to have suffered spinal injuries in a car crash with Lynsey Ivory.

After the crash, the couple claimed not to know each other.

But their Facebook posts showed that they were a couple — indeed they are now married.

The newspaper also said that Rita Milinovic claimed to have suffered severe injuries in a car crash.

But her case collapsed after photos emerged of her on Facebook after climbing Bray Head, an Irish headland, and posing at a body sculpture competition.

The judge described her as a “very fine specimen of human fitness,” dismissed her claim and ordered her to pay costs, the Irish Independent reported.

Kevin Thompson, CEO of Insurance Ireland, the industry body, said the cases showed that Facebook was proving the “honest driver's best friend.”