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Millennials scoff at insurance careers

Posted On: Nov. 19, 2015 12:00 AM CST

Millennials scoff at insurance careers

Insurance does not rank very high among millennials as a career choice, according to a new study by Hartford Financial Services Group Inc.

“The Hartford's 2015 Millennial Leadership Survey” asked millennials to choose the three industries that would appeal most to them as a place to work from a list of 18.

Arts and entertainment came in first with a 40% approval rating, while insurance was next to last, with 4% approval rating. Insurance managed to beat out only wholesale trade and utilities, which tied for last at 3% approval each.

When asked to give reasons why they didn't want to work in insurance, 73% of the respondents said they thought insurance companies were “boring.” Fifty-one percent said they thought insurers “only care about making money,” and 39% said insurers “don't provide diverse job/career options.”