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Taking selfies more deadly than sharks

Posted On: Sep. 23, 2015 12:00 AM CST

News that will have travel insurers revisiting their underwriting loss triangles: travelers are more likely to die from taking selfies than from shark attacks.

A recent survey found that more people have died so far this year while taking selfies than as a result of shark attacks, according to the Daily Mirror.

While 12 people have died while taking selfies — several in falls and others by being hit by vehicles — only eight people have died as a result of shark attacks.

The selfie epidemic is proving so dangerous that selfie sticks have been banned in all Walt Disney Co. resorts, the London newspaper reported.

And earlier this year, Waterton Canyon recreation area in Denver was closed to the public after too many visitors were trying to take selfies with bears.

Maybe risk managers need to add selfie risk management to the list of advice they give to corporate travelers.