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Wendy's employee cribbing daughter's ID arrested for workers comp fraud

Posted On: Jul. 23, 2015 12:00 AM CST

Wendy's employee cribbing daughter's ID arrested for workers comp fraud

An injured Wendy's restaurant employee claiming to be her own daughter has been arrested for workers compensation fraud among other felony charges, the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation Enforcement Division said.

Tina Marie Hamilton of Fairburn, Georgia, has been arrested on multiple felony charges, including workers comp fraud, forgery, aggravated identity fraud, false swearing, sworn false statements and conspiracy to commit a crime, the division said in a Tuesday statement.

An investigation conducted by the enforcement division found that Ms. Hamilton applied for a job at an Atlanta Wendy's Co. restaurant using the identity and personal information of one of her twin daughters, Vandesscia Hamilton, the statement says.

Ms. Hamilton allegedly injured her leg on the job shortly after starting work, according to the statement, which notes it was similar to the injury she used when filing an earlier claim to the Social Security Administration.

The investigation revealed Ms. Hamilton was receiving Social Security disability benefits when she applied to work at Wendy's under her daughter's identity.

Following the injury and treatment at Grady Memorial Hospital, Ms. Hamilton filed a workers comp claim using Vandesscia's identity, the statement says.

Ms. Hamilton's other twin daughter, Jandesscia Hamilton, who worked at the same Wendy's, “went along with her mother's deception when speaking with officials and referring to her mother as her sister, calling her Van,” according to the statement.

Division Director Stan Bexley said in the statement that Ms. Hamilton was arrested last week and transported to Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

At the time of her arrest, she still claimed to be Vandesscia, showing the arresting officers her daughter's identification, the statement says.

Jandesscia Hamilton has not been apprehended and is wanted on other unrelated crimes, according to the statement.

“This case is still under active investigation, and additional charges of insurance fraud against both Tina Hamilton and Jandesscia Hamilton are pending,” the statement says.